Asking the right questions when choosing your Wedding Venue!

Booking your WEDDING VENUE is probably the biggest decision you’ll make leading up to your big day. A wedding venue will mean different things for different couples. For you it might just be a reception space, for others it will be where you hold your ceremony too! Having this handy checklist of questions ready to go, will help you gauge which venue is right for you, your guests, and the needs of your day.

We’re proud to offer three beautiful Georgia wedding venues; Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA, Che’ne Rouge in Hiram, GA, and Stone Creek Inn in Rockmart, GA.

Your venue can be a big support in your planning and on the day itself, so asking the right questions from the start, will let us know your requirements too.

We offer amazing wedding florals, professional catering, beverage and cake services, DJ services, modern décor through our design studio, as well as planning, directing, and coordinating. We bring a fresh perspective to event design, and work with your budget and ideas to create an extraordinary event with contemporary style and elegance.

Here are a few basic questions to ask when choosing the perfect wedding venue.

Availability, Cost & Capacity

1. What is the availability around our ideal dates?

2. What is the venue capacity for a seated meal?

3. Is there a minimum spend?

4. Do you offer packages, what exactly is included?

5. Is there any flexibility in taking elements from different packages?

6. Reception and ceremony space?

7. What are the terms of payment/when do we need to pay?


1. Do you offer catering?

2. If so, what all does catering include?

3. Can you cater for those with special requirements and allergies?

4. Do you offer tastings?

5. Can we see your drinks/bar menu and pricing?

6. Can we bring our own alcohol?

7. If so, what is the charge for corkage?

8. Where will the cocktail hour be held?

9. Is there a fee for bringing our own cake or desserts?


1. Do you offer accommodation?

2. Is there a bridal suite included with the venue hire?

3. If not, have you a large room for pre-ceremony prep/hair & make-up?

4. Can we stay the night before?

5. Do you include rooms in the wedding package?

6. Can we block book rooms for our guests?


1. Do you provide staff?

2. Is there a service charge or what is the tipping policy?

3. Is there a wedding co-ordinator?

4. Who will be running things on the day?

5. Do you offer a DJ or What AV equipment do you offer?  (Speakers, a PA, mics, iPod docs, sockets etc).

6. Can we get in the day before/early in the morning for set-up?

7. Are we responsible for the take-down and when does it need to be done?

8. How late can we stay at the venue?

9. Are we allowed confetti?

10. What if it’s an especially hot/cold/windy/wet day?

11. Is there a secure space for gifts?

Decor & Details

1. Do you provide tables and chairs?

2. When can rental companies deliver them ahead of the wedding?

3. Do you have an inventory of the rest of your decor (vases, candleholders etc)?

4. Are there local vendors you’d recommend?

5. What does the venue look like at night?

6. Can we have fireworks/food trucks/horse and carriage/lawn games/kids activities etc?

There are so many ways to customize your celebration at one of our beautiful Georgia wedding venues, and we look forward to helping you create the day of your dreams with our capable and passionate planning team. Let’s chat today and start the process of bringing your ideas to life!